Company Name: Simple Mall

Company overview:

We are located in Brooklyn, New York. We are an online shopping platform with a physical warehouse display. We provide high quality door to door services for all the customers. Simple mall implements one-stop services like transportations and provides products like furniture, cabinets, marble floor. We hope that we will become the leading online shopping platform and physical warehouse display in the market. We support all of the comprehensive product cooperation. Let simplemall integrate into our lives and we hope to serve everyone. Thanks to everyone who supports us.

User credit system:

Spend $100, which is equivalent to 100 points

100 points are equivalent to 2 dollars.

Points can be redeemed and purchased along with any products.

Return Instructions:

If there is problem with the quality of the product or any handling damage, which meets the requirements for return. The company will take the responsibility and return at our own cost. Your satisfaction is our main concern.

Cancelation Instructions:

After the online payment, if you want to cancel the order, please contact the company’s customer service number:917-770-3357 within 24 hours and we will process the cancelation for you.

Shipping instructions:

After you place your order, we will process the order with 24-48 hours to contact you to determine the shipping time. If any furniture cannot enter the room, we will return 80% of the purchase price. Please measure the size and avoid any unnecessary trouble. Thank you for your support.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Chinese: (917) 770 – 3357 English : (929) 291 – 9782